Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Medical Social Sciences

Biopsychosocial Mechanisms and Health Outcomes

Frank Penedo, Director

This group studies psychosocial, sociocultural and biobehavioral mechanisms of chronic disease processes and health.

The Program advances knowledge in four broad themes:

The program faculty are involved in observational studies addressing multiple pathways (social, biological, psychosocial) in chronic disease outcomes; evaluation of biopsychoscial and cultural mechanisms in the context of primary and secondary prevention; and technology based behavioral clinical trials targeting stress, neuroimmune mechanisms and health outcomes. The program implements eco-social and biobehavioral approaches; CBT and stress management interventions; technology implementation; translational and team science; precision medicine and advanced statistical methods.


Zeeshan Butt, David Cella, Sofia Garcia, Tim Pearman, Nan Rothrock, David Victorson, Lisa Wu, Betina Yanez and Susan Yount.

Frank Penedo

Frank Penedo

Hear Frank Penedo on Spanish Public Radio discussing Cancer Control & survivorship in the Latino community. Listen to the Interview in English or the Interview in Spanish