Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Medical Social Sciences

Early Developmental Mechanisms of Health & Disease

Laurie Wakschlag, Director

This group seeks to characterize, explain and prevent the early life causes and emergence of mental health problems in diverse young children.

We conduct research at the nexus of developmental and clinical science with themes of:

(a) neurodevelopmental differentiation of normative variation of early childhood from the onset of clinical problems, including generation of novel developmentally-sensitive assessment tools

(b) intergenerational mechanismsof risk beginning in the prenatal period, and (c) translation of developmental discovery to prevention applications.

Affiliated faculty from across Northwestern Schools and Departments reflect key transdisciplinary elements including developmental science, clinical science, perinatal psychiatry, neuroscience, measurement science and modeling, and prevention science.  


Gayle Byck, Craig Garfield, Ryne Estabrook, Maria Kharitonova, Amelie Petitclerc, Darius Tandon, and Joel Voss

Laurie Wakschlag

Laurie Wakschlag