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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Medical Social Sciences

Mechanisms of Health and Disease

The Mechanisms of Health and Disease Hub is a collaborative of scientists seeking to understand health and disease pathways in order improve health, development and quality of life across the lifespan. This research emphasizes malleable developmental, neuroscientific, stress-related and contextual mechanisms that have the greatest potential to be harnessed for disease prevention and health promotion.

This hub is a nexus for diverse scientists who use innovative methods to shed light on causal processes, individual differences and health- and disease-related processes in the developmental, biological and social contexts in which they are expressed.”

Lauren S. Wakschlag, PhD
Joel Lawrence Voss, PhD
Hub co-directors

Mechanisms of Health and Disease Hub Leadership

Our major goal is to uncover links between patterns of brain development and clinical and functional outcomes so that these may be harnessed to improve health and developmental outcomes.

Due to our strong emphasis on methods and cross-fertilization across multiple programs within the hub, we are able to expand our reach and apply innovations from one discipline to another. Major areas of emphasis among hub members currently include the developmental origins of risk and resilience, including developmentally sensitive measurement in first years of life, the creation of brain-targeted interventions to directly alter cognitive functions such as memory and decision-making and the examination of stress as an influence on a variety of health outcomes, ranging from neurodevelopment to cancer survivorship. Come learn about and join our efforts to reshape the trajectory of quality of life and developmental outlook through discovery and characterization of relevant mechanisms.

Our Scientists

Primary Faculty

Donna Bridge, PhD
Rachel Flynn, PhD
Katherina Hauner, PhD
Bradley, Marino, MD, MPP, MSCE
Suena Massey, MD
Elizabeth Norton, PhD
Amelie Petitclerc, PhD
Joel Voss, PhD
Laurie Wakschlag, PhD
Lisa Wu, PhD

Secondary Faculty

Michelle Birkett, PhD
Courtney Blackwell, PhD
David Cella, PhD
Karon Cook, PhD
Ryne Estabrook, PhD
Craig Garfield, MD
Richard Gershon, PhD
James Griffith, PhD
Allen Heinemann, PhD
Patrick Janulis, PhD
Sally Jensen, PhD
Aaron Kaat, PhD
Michael Kallen, PhD, MPH
Jin-Shei Lai, PhD
Judith Moskowitz, PhD
Daniel Mroczek, PhD
Brian Mustanski, PhD
Cindy Nowinski, MD, PhD
Frank Penedo, PhD
Gregory Phillips II, PhD
Benjamin Schalet, PhD
Betina Yanez, PhD

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