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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Medical Social Sciences

Outcomes and Measurement Science

The mission of the Outcomes and Measurement Science Hub within the Department of Medical Social Sciences (MSS) is to improve human health through better measurement and innovative implementation.

Outcomes research and measurement science are the building blocks of excellent healthcare.”

Richard C. Gershon, PhD
Patricia Franklin, MD
Hub co-directors

We are a large group of more than 25 primary and about a dozen secondary faculty members supported by over 50 software developers, project managers, systems implementation professionals and other staff members. Collectively, we believe that good measurement is the foundation of good science and healthcare. Our best and most important scientific questions can only be answered with good measurement. Our faculty include qualitative methodologists who identify what matters most to people affected by illness or disability, quantitative experts who know how to compose and validate measures, clinicians who apply these measures in practice to improve health and healthcare delivery and health informaticians who develop technologies for clinical and research implementation.


Our Scientists

Primary Faculty

Michael Bernard Bass, MS
Courtney K. Blackwell, PhD
Zeeshan Ahmad Butt, PhD
David Cella, PhD
David M. Condon, PhD
Karon Frances Cook, PhD
Ryne Estabrook, PhD
Sofia F. Garcia, PhD
Richard C. Gershon, PhD
Andrea K. Graham, PhD
James W. Griffith, PhD
Allen W. Heinemann, PhD
Sally Elizabeth Jensen, PhD
Aaron Kaat, PhD
Karen Ann Kaiser, PhD
Michael Anthony Kallen, PhD, MPH
Jin-Shei Lai, PhD
Cindy J. Nowinski, MD, PhD
Timothy Patrick Pearman, PhD
Lori Ann Post, PhD
Nan E. Rothrock, PhD
Benjamin D. Schalet, PhD
Sara Shaunfield, PhD
Kimberly Webster, MA
Susan E. Yount, PhD

Secondary Faculty

Donna Jo Bridge, PhD
Kenzie Cameron, PhD, MPHB
Craig F. Garfield, MD
George Jesus Greene, PhD
Elizabeth A. Hahn, MS
Katherina Hauner, PhD
Lisa R. Hirschhorn, MD, MPH
Patrick F. Janulis, PhD
Bradley Marino, MD, MPP, MSCE
David C. Mohr, PhD
Daniel Mroczek, PhD
Frank J. Penedo, PhD
Gregory Phillips II, PhD
David E. Victorson, PhD
Joel L. Voss, PhD
Lauren S. Wakschlag, PhD

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