Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Medical Social Sciences

Patient-Centered Outcomes: Measurement & Application

David Cella, Director 

This group focuses on the science of developing, validating, and applying patient-centered/patient-reported outcomes in clinical research and practice.

Areas of emphasis include qualitative methods for concept elicitation and cognitive debriefing, linguistic translation and cross-cultural validation, survey and design methodology, psychometrics,  item response theory applications, quantitative validation methodology, application in clinical research and policy relevant studies, patient-centered methods for clinical practice improvement, precision medicine opportunities for discovery, and interpretation of outcomes data in clinical, regulatory and public health contexts. 


Zeeshan Butt, David Condon, Karon Cook, Ryne Estabrook, Sofia Garcia, Richard Gershon, George Greene, Jamie Griffith, Elizabeth Hahn, Sally Jensen, Karen Kaiser, Michael Kallen, Jin Shei Lai, Cindy Nowinski, Tim Pearman, Nan Rothrock, Ben Schalet, Sara Shaunfield, David Victorson, Kimberly Webster, and Susan Yount

David Cella

David Cella