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The Department of Medical Social Sciences Informatics group is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in creating research software applications. We collaborate with research scientists and clinicians to develop dynamic applications allowing teams to centralize research activities, develop research instruments, administer studies, and manage data.

For each project, we assess research and clinical requirements, timelines, and study populations, to deliver effective, easy to use software for researchers and research participants. Our software applications are most often used in web-based data collection but can also be used to collect data via standalone computers or IVR (integrative voice recognition).

Our team has extensive experience with:

Software Features

Features of software developed by MSS-Informatics include:

Data Security

Our approach to security includes a collection of policies, procedures, and practices designed to maximize three characteristics for critical resources: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Our infrastructure for confidential data management includes sophisticated firewall technologies, dedicated database servers, and related technological capabilities. We observe high standards of data security practices for all projects and clients. 

Contact Us

Contact Maria Varela Diaz, director, Information Technology, for more information about working with MSS-Informatics.

Maria Varela Diaz

our online data collection tool that enables researchers to create study-specific websites for capturing participant data securely online

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