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Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research Unveils 2023 NIH Funding Rankings

By Julie A. Bednark

March 8, 2024

In the realm of medical research, where breakthroughs save lives and transform healthcare, federal funding is paramount. The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research offers a comprehensive assessment of NIH funding across departments and universities nationally. Among the notable highlights of this year's rankings is the continued outstanding performance of the Department of Medical Social Sciences (MSS) in collaboration with the Department of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, which, together, were recognized as the leading public health departments in a medical school as measured by NIH funding. 

Within MSS, a number of faculty members have secured robust levels of funding to conduct groundbreaking research that addresses pressing public health challenges. Our faculty comprise 11 of the top 100 of federally funded researchers in public health including the Chief of the Division of Outcome and Measurement Science, Richard Gershon, PhD;  Interim Chief of the Division of Implementation Science, Brian Mustanski, PhD; Founding Chair Emeritus Dave Cella, PhD; Vice-Chair of Scientific and Faculty Development, Laurie Wakschlag, PhD; Chief of the Division of Intervention Science, Judy Moskowitz, PhD, MPH; Associate Professor, Michael Newcomb, PhD; Professor Darius Tandon, PhD; Associate Division Chief of Outcome and Measurement Science, Cindy Nowinski, MD, PhD, MA; and Associate Professor Gregory Phillips II, PhD. These faculty represent exemplars of impactful public health research from all of our Divisions from Outcome and Measurement Science to Implementation Science. 

The accomplishments of these faculty members are not only a testament to their individual achievements but also reflect the incredible research teams that make their work possible, and the collaborative and supportive environment fostered by MSS. Through transdisciplinary collaboration and a shared dedication to harnessing social and behavioral sciences to advance equity, innovation, and impact in health, the department continues to make significant strides in medical research and practice.


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