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Two MSS Faculty Elected to Leadership Positions at the Association for Research in Personality

January 12, 2024

By: Julie A. Bednark


Two faculty members in the Department of Medical Social Sciences, Dan Mroczek, PhD, Chief of Determinants of Health and Eileen Graham, PhD, Associate Professor, were elected to The Association for Research in Personality (ARP). Dr. Mroczek was elected president, serving a two-year term, and Dr. Graham was elected Member-at-Large, serving a three-year term.

“I have been an ARP member for nearly my entire career. The opportunities afforded me through this rich professional network have been incredibly valuable. I am thrilled and honored to be elected into this leadership position, and look forward to serving the personality science community,” said Eileen. Dan stated, “I am humbled to have been elected ARP president.  I’ve been a member since its founding in 2000, but personality science is one the research areas I’ve been working in since I was an undergraduate in the 1980s.  Personality is the study of how each of us are unique.  People are not interchangeable.  The facets, nuances and intricacies that characterize each of us as individuals have formed the core of my research program for decades.  These individual differences have a big influence on our behavior, health, interpersonal relationships, and even our longevity. It is an honor and privilege to promote the field of personality as ARP president the next 2 years.”

Congratulations to our esteemed faculty on this international honor and their new leadership roles!

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