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Anti-Racism Statement

The Department of Medical Social Sciences (MSS) is committed to combating the systemic inequalities within academia by engaging in anti-racist and inclusive work. We recognize that many of us have unknowingly perpetuated systemic inequalities. However, we hope taking this firm stance within our own sphere of influence will ultimately help change that narrative moving forward. This includes the promotion of activities to foster personal reflection to uncover and unlearn individual-level biases, as well as system-level change in policies, practices, and culture to promote a more equitable work environment, healthcare system, and society. We acknowledge that this work will be difficult and will ultimately require a university-wide effort to be the most effective. As we in MSS embark upon this journey, we are excited to have a coalition of department leadership, faculty, staff and researchers working in unison to promotean anti-racist, diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. If you would like to read our full statement, you can find it here.

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